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Choosing a course of action is becoming easier and easier, but understanding the way is more demanding. WHEELS Logistics responds in an active and focussed manner in order to fulfil your logistical and transport requirements.

WHEELS logistics has emerged as one strong brand name across Europe in order to offer you a combination of logistical expertise and reliable service from a single source.

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WHEELS Logistics works in an active and focussed manner on the individual improvements and simplifications of your logistical workflows in order to create them more smoothly and to extend your lead over the competition.

Performance – without harming the environment.

WHEELS Logistics stands for integrated Green Supply Chain Management as well comprehensive logistics concepts. With the use of maximum loading and IT-based capacity planning, WHEELS Logistics makes a significant and effective contribution to save the environment. On ecological routes with various modes of transports, WHEELS Logistics provides top quality services – for you.

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