Vocational Training at WHEELS Logistics.

If goods have to be transported or stored, WHEELS Logistics is the right partner. Every day, more than 750 trucks with a load capacity of up to 120 m³ and a payload of 25 t are dispatched and pallets can be stored and handled in warehouses with a capcity of ​​117,000 m².

This requires a wise time management and a tight organizational structure. With smart IT solutions, trucks are planned in such a way that time and resources are saved by using the maximum load volume and the environment is relieved.

At 17 locations throughout Europe, WHEELS Logistics offers not only transport logistics services but also warehouse and production logistics solutions.

Our Vocational Trainees very quickly assume responsibility in their field of work and actively work on exciting tasks from the world of logistics. All this in an international team and with modern technology.

Does it sound like a training with a future?